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Discipline Guidelines

Each student in the college will be required to follow the following guidelines for her overall educational development and maintaining discipline. Violation of the guidelines may invite appropriate action from the Chief Proctor of the college and Discipline Committee.

>>>A minimum 75 per cent attendance in the classes of each subject is compulsory. Failure to follow this may lead deprive the student from the university examination.
>>>Each student has to carry her identity card every day with her. Failure to present the card at the time of checking may bar her from attending the class.
>>>New students are required to obtain their identity card after showing the fee receipt. After filling up the identity card, they must get the same signed by the admission officer. Old students are required to get their identity cards renewed from the same officer.
>>>It is compulsory for each student to participate in co-curricular activities, NSS, Rangers Guide, Cultural Programmes, Games and Sports, Essay Writing, Debate Competitions, etc.
>>>Students are advised to make maximum benefit of the facilities like library, reading room, book bank, sports, hostel, canteen and healthcare.
>>>College property is the property of the students. It is their duty to safeguard it. Plucking flowers, damaging trees and plants, crossing over flower beds, etc., is prohibited. Keeping the college premises clean and beautiful is also the duty of the students.
>>>For proper conduct of studies and teaching, it is necessary that no student stands, or sits near a class. Students should not walk near a running class, not should she talk to other students.
>>>Students should use reading room in free periods, or should sit quietly in the games hall, or away from a running class.
>>>It is the responsibility of the students themselves to fill the university examination application form and submit the same to the college authorities.
>>>No student is allowed to use mobile phone on the college campus.