Welcome to Our College

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About the College

Welcome to the first newsletter of a brand new college. It is a privilege to be welcoming our students to the only dedicated sixth form college in The Bareilly. Students and staff shall work together to make our environment positive and optimistic, and I look forward to getting to know the students and their families over the coming months. Now the coming is a challenging period for any young person, as they are making choices that will affect not only their present, but their immediate future and we, as adults, bear a great responsibility in helping them make the correct choices, and equipping them in skills for life.

I hope our founding students will make the best of their time with us and use this coming term wisely: work hard; take advantage of the enrichment programme; make new friends and most of all help one another to entrench in the college a sense of community and support.

The Society

Jawahar Lal Lodhi Shiksha Samiti, Village - Madkar Jagannatpur, Post Hardaspur Tehsil, Aonla District Bareilly - 243303 was established in 2013. The ultimate object and mission of the society is to provide education. Training, knowledge, health and other basic amenities to all sections of the society.